Bookers' Information

To make our visit to you as easy and problem-free as possible we try to keep our requirements as simple as possible.

  • We will phone/ text the venue on our arrival and arrange immediate access.
  • We will arrive ‘in costume’ and will need no technical back up nor a dressing or changing area.
  • We will play to audience ‘bubbles’ of up to 30, playing up to six times per day.
  • We will be fully compliant with all Government and Education Board safety recommendations and will arrive with all necessary sanitation equipment.

Can you ensure the following:

  • That we are introduced, soon after our arrival, to our designated host for the visit.
  • Parking space for the company vehicle.
  • An easily accessible, clear working space of four square metres.

For Venues:

  • We will email you our tech requirements to allow for pre rigging, and will focus once set up.
  • The name "Krazy Kat Theatre Company" must appear above the title of the show in any publicity designed and printed by the venue
  • The company require a minimum of 45 minutes hours to set up and 45 minutes minimum strike.
  • We will invoice you immediately on booking and we are happy with BACs payments or cheque on the day. All invoices to be paid within 30 days.

If you have any questions please telephone us on 01273 692552 or email us at [email protected]