As this years leaves us…

20 Dec 2021

There is a lot of excitement in the Kat office for 2022! We are continuing our development of our touring sign language drama workshops and starting to look at creating a new touring performance piece. All top secret at present, but it may well involve our old friend ‘The Big Bad Wolf’… In the meantime, … Read more

Touring again….and a blast from the past

19 Sep 2021

This is a delightful yet very old photo of the ‘Commedia Clowns’ Company which was only the fifth Krazy Kat Company show we ever created! We are a jolly bunch of Kinny, Alastair, Joanna Tagney and Keith Boehm, and it was a summer tour, with this shot taken in Edinburgh by David Liddle outside the … Read more

The Autumn and Winter tours approach…

28 Jul 2021

The bookings are being confirmed, travel being sorted, accommodations being booked… once again The Kats are preparing to hit the road for our Autumn and Winter travels. There are always so many things to organise with so many things to remember, and at this point in the preparations there are rehearsals, meetings and countless e … Read more

Another year to celebrate the Kats

02 Apr 2021

It was April Fool on the 1st of April and also the 39th Birthday of The Krazy Kat Theatre Company. From our early days in Woodlands of Durris up in beautiful Aberdeenshire, to our years based in Bolton, then London and now sunny Brighton, we have so delighted in the touring. It’s been 39 years … Read more

Spring arrives and so do the Kats…

16 Mar 2021

As the flowers start to bloom so, once again, does The Krazy Kat Theatre Company. We have been cooking up plans with the wonderful ‘Rigor Mortis Tortoise’, recording songs and filming bits and pieces, looking forward to when we can launch the 2021 extravaganza on the world! Of course as soon as we are allowed … Read more

It’s only August and look who are coming back…

30 Jul 2020

And not just those dreadful Ugly Sisters, but Cinder-Ella and Dr. Kinny Gardner too! After the worry and slurry of the last few months, the Kats are thrilled to announce we have secured a bit of funding to put in place a Covid 19 friendly tour of our favourite ever show. More news as dates … Read more

Kats in the time of uncertainty…

28 Mar 2020

With all the upheavals happening at present, all the Kats are happy to tell you that they are safe, healthy and keeping busy. We are pleased to tell you that most of our funders are being supportive still, and are encouraging us to continue to plan for the upcoming shenanigans that will be occurring in … Read more

It’s a Leap Year Month and Fundraising Continues

18 Feb 2020

An extra day this month will allow for further administration, preparing for our next projects, and continuing the current round of Kat fundraising. Our Artistic Director is writing, e mailing and chasing up all over the U.K., and we have already funds in place from Arts Council England, The Alchemy Trust, The R S Brownless … Read more

Heads Up for Scott Brooker our puppet maker extraordinary

24 Nov 2019

Here’s a lovely article all about Scott, who has been the Krazy Kat puppet maker/creationist/ problem solver and inspiration for many years. Delighted to see him getting some well deserved recognition! If you can, get along to the Hackney Empire for their jolly pantomime, and delight in his creations…

Krazy Kat and a new disabled theatre work in Brighton…

09 Oct 2019

We have just started working with the prestigious Darkness Productions on a new play about disability, rehearsing and playing in Brighton, just near our office. Our busy Artistic Director is assisting with some of the access issues around this challenging new play with songs, written by local artist Damian Darkness. It’s a quirky piece of … Read more