TSB Scotland invite the Waving Cat tae hiv a burl roon' the country

We are so pleased and delighted to announce that we have received funding from Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland, one of the leading grant-giving trusts in the country, to tour up to Kinny’s native land with The Waving Cat of Japan. From June 6th until 15th we will be traversing the high roads and low roads, across the length and breadth of that bonnie country, with three bemused actors and ‘Maneki Neko’. So if you see us passing, geeza heeugh! (Cue pipes and Kinny’s kilt…)

Edmund the Learned Pig is coming in October 2013

We are more than delighted to announce that we are creating a co-production with the amazing  Fittings Multimedia and The Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester entitled ‘Edmund the Learned Pig’. Currently in research and development  it will run at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester in October, with songs by Martin Jaques of Tiger Lillies fame and a script by Mike Kenny. To find out just a wee bit more, have a look here…

Caroline Parker awarded MBE

Goodest of news! Caroline Parker, our amazing deaf director, has been awarded an MBE in the Queens New Year Honours List for services to Deaf Theatre in the UK. We are delighted!