40 Years Old? Must be an April fool!

However, it’s not! On 1st April 2022 The Krazy Kat Theatre Company is forty years old. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the International Theatre scene, and have contributed quite a bit to the ecology of community based, disabled – led, arts in the UK. Here’s a statement that our original Company treasurer, the late Jenny Watson, penned for our 20th Birthday –

“It was only yesterday that we were all in Aberdeenshire, searching for costumes in charity shops, or where we could afford. Cold in the winter; singing in the heart. The company have done so well, time has flown and Krazy Kat has flowered. So many shows, so many workshops: many in places, where there had been no live professional theatre before. I cannot imagine the numbers of people you have brought inspiration and joy to, and encouraged to go and live their lives to the fullest extent.”

We send our thanks and hugs to all Kats, old, new and gone, and say loudly (and in sign language of course) “Here’s to the next 40 years!”.