We are a multi-award winning touring theatre company.
We do unusual and accessible shows for young people.
We create small spectaculars that grown ups can bring children to experience.
We have an established reputation for elegant, flamboyant and witty productions.
We feature creative and original use of Sign Language.
We are based in Brighton


Our Video

Our boss is acting in a movie…

Well now, our Artistic Director person, Kinny Gardner, has been spending the last while in front of the movie camera’s! He’s playing the lively role of ‘Lover Pip’ in a new feature film ‘PROMENADE’, to … Read more

2024 gets off to a running start

As we approach the New Year’s planning, our office has been caught up in a lot of new and exciting projects. A few will be advertised soon! However, we can tell you that it looks … Read more

Watch our latest video from our friends at the Arena, University of Wolverhampton, with clips of Cinder- Ella.

"Brilliant, so visual and in sign, great!"

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