We are a multi-award winning touring theatre company.
We do unusual and accessible shows for young people.
We create small spectaculars that grown ups can bring children to experience.
We have an established reputation for elegant, flamboyant and witty productions.
We feature creative and original use of Sign Language.
We are based in Brighton


Our Video

It’s only August and look who are coming back…

And not just those dreadful Ugly Sisters, but Cinder-Ella and Dr. Kinny Gardner too! After the worry and slurry of the last few months, the Kats are thrilled to announce we have secured a bit … Read more

Kats in the time of uncertainty…

With all the upheavals happening at present, all the Kats are happy to tell you that they are safe, healthy and keeping busy. We are pleased to tell you that most of our funders are … Read more

Watch our latest video from our friends at the Arena, University of Wolverhampton, with clips of Cinder- Ella.

"Brilliant, so visual and in sign, great!"

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