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Theatre PAH website goes live

21 Aug 2018

After a lot of hard work and dedication from the Webmasters, the new international ‘Theatre PAH’ website is up and running. Based in sunny Canada, this is a new initiative to allow all D/deaf theatre companies to access each others work, history and knowledge, and to help support new and aspiring theatre artists. We are … Read more

There’s a new Doctor in the house…

17 May 2018

We are very pleased to announce that our Artistic Director Kinny Gardner has been awarded an honorary degree from The University of Wolverhampton. In September he will attend a graduation ceremony and receive the honour of ‘Doctor of Arts’. He will now need a bigger business card in order to fit on all the letters … Read more

Cinder-Ella returns to her Scottish home

12 Mar 2018

We are delighted to announce a short, shiny, possibly shoogley, Summertime Scottish tour with our beautiful ‘Cinder-Ella’, now scheduled in for mid- June of 2018. A dedicated fundraising drive has secured grants from Foundation Scotland and Creative Scotland to present a ten day tour-ette, from the North to the South of Kinny’s homeland. Hoots, we … Read more

With Seasons Greetings…and seasonal developments- ay caramba.

20 Dec 2017

As 2017 crashes to a noisy end, we at Krazy Kat are looking forward to a packed and busy beginning to 2018. In January Kinny will be continuing our mega-popular Educational Development Strand. Firstly he is delivering two masterclasses in London, concentrating on non-verbal communication. Then he is whisked off to Mexico, to continue his … Read more

Autumnal Administration and fresh dreams to come…

29 Oct 2017

Busy as ever in the Kat office, as Kinny (freshly returned from  triumphs in Scotland) and Linda are battling through the usual Autumn Administration lists. Funding applications, touring reports, updates to programmers and archiving of accounts and other money- related dooh-dahs will keep us occupied for quite a few weeks. And the dreams continue, with … Read more

Kats spreading their wings in Scotland?

16 Aug 2017

Our illustrious Artistic Director is off to Scotland for two whole months! Kinny will be appearing in ‘Blanche and Butch’ a new theatrical extravaganza with Birds of Paradise, based in Glasgow then touring for a month all over Bonnie Scotland. This is a new play for a grown-up audience, with newly written songs, and re-unites … Read more

Just published – Oliver in the Overworld video clip

11 Jul 2017

The wonderful film maker Ollie Wiggins has edited up a fun video clip of our massively successful UK tour of ‘Oliver in the Overworld’. During the tour, Ollie came to see a few performances with his trusty film camera and microphones, recorded them, then spent a lot of time editing them together, and here is … Read more

OLIVER in the OVERWORLD – ‘imaginative and original’ The Stage

17 Apr 2017

The tour is travelling, the van is rolling, the actors are singing and signing, and we are receiving excellent notices in the press! “Integrated signing ensures that every child present understands every word and nuance of Oliver in the Overworld” Susan Elkin The Stage. So come along and catch the magical and extravagant musical signed … Read more

The wonderful world premier of Oliver in the Overworld approaches

03 Feb 2017

The designs are approved, the set is commissioned, the puppet makers are creating ‘Spanner in the Works’ and ‘Spoke in the Wheel’, and all the casting is confirmed for this, the first stage version of Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood’s marvelous musical what-not ‘Oliver in the Overworld’. Lovingly staged by our Artistic Director and beautifully … Read more

Jolly Preparations for 2017 Continue

18 Dec 2016

We are well on our way with the preparations for ‘Oliver in the Overworld’, our new musical extravaganza which will be touring all over the UK in April and May 2017. The scenery has been designed, the puppets too, by amazing international designer Chris de Wilde (see the picture of the ‘white card’ model, that’s … Read more