We are a multi-award winning touring theatre company.
We do unusual and accessible shows for young people.
We create small spectaculars that grown ups can bring children to experience.
We have an established reputation for elegant, flamboyant and witty productions.
We feature creative and original use of Sign Language.
We are based in Brighton


Our Video

Cinder-Ella returns to her Scottish home

We are delighted to announce a short, shiny, possibly shoogley, Summertime Scottish tour with our beautiful ‘Cinder-Ella’, now scheduled in for mid- June of 2018. A dedicated fundraising drive has secured grants from Foundation Scotland … Read more

With Seasons Greetings…and seasonal developments- ay caramba.

As 2017 crashes to a noisy end, we at Krazy Kat are looking forward to a packed and busy beginning to 2018. In January Kinny will be continuing our mega-popular Educational Development Strand. Firstly he … Read more

Kraxy Kat Video

Watch our latest video documentary directed by Ollie Wiggins. Click to see a larger version.

"Brilliant, so visual and in sign, great!"

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